Smart connectors

Byzance brings a new dimension to the product discovery thanks to a new technology.

The Smart Connectors is a technology entirely developed by Byzance. The simple touch or opening of a box will set in motion the reading of a video or a music, a change of light, or even the collection of data.

A smart concept


Compacts and discreet, smart connectors can be seamlessly fitted into your merchandising. They are a great solution to tackle space issues and offer multiple trigger options.


Our Smart Connectors are CE and TRA certified which, on top of their attractive price, guarantee you a sereine implantation.

The Smart Connectors are also delivered with our Byzance Player, which enables you to easily update the content via a simple USB key or our VISTA solution.


The Smart Connectors are battery operated devices and do not require any external power supply. With a battery autonomy of approximately 6 months, the integration of the device in stores is made faster and easier.