What we do

Activation and Customer journey / Retail and Event space design / Physical and Digital experiences design / Deployment and following / olfactory discovery

Activation and Customer journey

Elaborate activation concept,
Define and improve the customer journey across all touchpoints.

  • _ Strategy
  • _ Customer journey
  • _ Activation concept
  • _ Art direction
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Retail and Event space design

Create a space concept and draw where experiences take place.
Provide smart ideas to support in-house services.
Find suppliers to make it real.

  • _ Pop-up concept
  • _ Podium
  • _ Visual merchandising
  • _ Object
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Physical and Digital experiences design

Imagine complementary experiences that bridge physical and digital and makes occasion to connect with your clients.

  • _ Mobile apps
  • _ Web apps & websites
  • _ Sensors
  • _ Augmented reality
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Deployment and following

Make it tangible in all the points of sales with plug-and-play solutions, guidelines processes, and after-sales services.
Analyze the impact of experiences.

  • _ Deployment process
  • _ Remote support solution
  • _ After-sale services
  • _ Analytics
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olfactory discovery

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