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We design intuitive and unforgettable experiences to renew the product discovery and establish a lasting dialogue between the consumer and the brand.

Empowering brands with a new way to initiate differentiating and responsive experiences that boosts customer engagement and accompanying brands to help them significantly improve their performance.

About us

Our Expertises

From strategy and design to technical development, BYZANCE offers a large scope of expertises in retail and event.


Our Innovations

By going ever further in research and creativity, we have developed some brand new innovations that we can tailor made to create unique experiences.



Lexus Creates 3D Printed Car-Mice For iPads

Imagined by Lexus, this interactive installation uses iPads as interactive screens complemented by 3D printed cars…

Puma brings targeted hologram ads to car roofs for NBA All-Star game

PUMA officially launched the Sky Dreamer sneaker, a new silhouette of PUMA Hoops, February 13. To celebrate…