Air dry diffuser

The technology based on an air dry diffusion system

An olfactory experience, connected and based on a dry air diffusion system combined with clip-on cartridges.

The air becomes perfumed

The system allows the air to circulate through the cartridge containing micro-encapsulated perfume concentrate beads

A perfect reproduction

Small encapsulated polymer beads containing pure perfume concentrate, without alcohol or solvents, are contained in the cartridges.

The cartridges are easy to use, healthy, and safe.

Interchangeable and non-persistent, they allow for a dry, cold, homogeneous, and light diffusion of the fragrance within a one-meter radius.

Connected for a more immersive experience

Equipped with an embedded IoT system, the diffusers can be associated with interactive features such as fragrance diagnosis or a game, with triggering controlled directly through a tablet (such as an iPad), a QR code, or even a computer.

Furthermore, thanks to its two quick connectors, it is just as easy to connect them to a sensor (such as infrared) for triggering or even to an LED.

2 sizes for different integrations

Diffusion on shelves

Diffusion on counter

Diffusion on a stele

Diffusion back wall with video

Diffusion with mechanical animation

Use cases


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