Drop dispenser

Fragrance drop dispenser

This technology proposes to deliver a drop of perfume directly on your wrist, on a paper blotter, or any kind of branded item.

With a 100 ml refill bottle, the fragrance drop dispenser can deliver more than 2000 drop units. Perfume is perfectly protected and easy to refill.

The Fragrance Drop dispenser operates on a USB-C power supply.

Easy Handling - Plug and twist

The fragrance drop dispenser has been designed for all the L’Oreal refill bottles.

The way to plug and change the bottle is simple thanks to the twist cap.
Only rotate the caps to lock the refill bottle and start the olfactory discovery.

Long-lasting material

Change only a part for future perfume use
Because we're always thinking in terms of durability with long-lasting materials, the perfume drop dispenser can be reused for a different perfume.

All that needs to be changed is the part where the tube is located.

Integration examples


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