Smart Sensors

The connected retail

For several years now, major transformations in retail have been underway, particularly for the connected point of sale, which has made a great leap forward since the pandemic.

We have transformed this opportunity by imagining and designing innovative technologies to make consumers still dream and experience in the point of sale.

With SmartSensors technology, create in store experiences based on brand’s unique leads. A modern and innovative way to engage with shoppers.

To Lift & Learn, Gesture or Touches, you can create seamless and customized experiences.

A wide range of possibilities

Smart Sensors collection is composed of a variety of modules which can interact with each other to trigger relevant experiences.
Motion, touch&Turn, Touchless, Place&Learn, Lift&Learn

From one to many

Like for Lego, you can easily increase numbers of SmartSensor modules by plugging them one to the others.

Easy to setup

With our Byzance media player everything is done to just plug&play your experience

A while range of opportunities to engage your customer

Lift & Learn experience

Place & Learn experience

Touchless experience

Motion experience


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