A spatial listening experience for Bottega Veneta

For the launch of the Italian label’s AW20 collection in the South Korean capital, Random Studio devised a spatial listening experience inspired by the neighbouring Hyundai Card Music Library.

Inspired by François Bayle sound diffusion system named the Acousmonium. Random Studio has imagine a unique room experience. A reflective inflatable structure in front of the building, the experience blended acoustic properties with architecture and aesthetics, nestling 24 speakers of various sizes into its voluminous walls to produce a three-dimensional sonic landscape, determined by the speakers’ varying frequency response.

The brand pop-up runs in parallel to the product display in the Bottega Veneta store next door. Silvery mirrored surfaces and inflatables play their sensory-evoking role there, too, inviting visitors to see and feel the vibrant garments and accessories merchandized carefully atop and around them.


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