Canada Goose ‘The Journey’

A store without stock is rare or even very rare in retail. Canada Goose has oriented its strategy on this to differentiate itself and has bet on phygital to remove the various barriers inherent in the absence of stock.

The Crevasse: Immersive entryway made up of digital glass flooring and active sensors detecting footsteps across the display, simulating walking over cracking ice. (CNW Group/Canada Goose)

Thanks to the phygital and the interactive screens available, customers can choose their parka, order it and have it delivered the same day.

To try, Canada Goose has planned everything with its piece “Cold Room”. A piece designed in real conditions since it is -12 ° C and reveals landscapes of the Art. Full and total immersion in real conditions, enough to see directly if the chosen parka is made for us.

In a press release, Dani Reiss, Managing Director of the brand, says that in retail, experience is essential. Trying a Canada Goose jacket for the first time is a great experience. This new store makes this moment even more exceptional thanks to an environment that virtually and physically transports customers to the Arctic in an innovative, surprising and inspiring way. ”

A unique customer journey

As soon as they enter the “The Journey” store, customers are transported. Indeed, a decor of glacier has been put in place, even the sound of ice cracking when you walk is present.

Then, customers enter a universe covered with screens from floor to ceiling diffusing different landscapes according to the seasons. A room called “The Element” which allows visitors to forget the outside.


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