Louis Vuitton’s new menu for growth: restaurants

French fashion house Louis Vuitton has opened its first café and restaurant within a store, picking its newly inaugurated Osaka Midosuji shop in Japan as the location to add a new twist to its business model.

The menus will be curated by Yosuke Suga, a renowned Japanese chef. Although there is no official word on what these two Louis Vuitton eateries will have on their menus, the restaurant Sugalabo V will be inspired by chef Suga’s Tokyo restaurant called Sugalabo. His restaurant is super exclusive to get into, and the Louis Vuitton location will be no different. Suga travels every so often to explore new ingredients and gain inspiration for new dishes, so it’s no question that the menu will be carefully considered.

Not only will the food be bougie, but the entire aesthetic of the restaurant spaces will also be decorated in line with the Louis Vuitton brand. Designer Tokujin Yoshioka was in charge of designing charger plates that reflect the design and will likely be an ode to the famous LV monogram.


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