Burberry Selfridges Corner Shop

Burberry takes over the Selfridges Corner Shop

Burberry has opened an immersive installation in Selfridges’ flagship creative retail space, The Corner Shop.

Open until 29 March, the custom-built space celebrates the fashion house’s rich history in discovery and exploration, a time when Burberry’s protective gabardine was favoured by polar pioneers. Creating an abstract snowspace, expedition sleds with Burberry silk-scarf sails contrast with silver mirrored cubes.

To celebrate this theme within Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection and in a nod to pioneers like Sir Ernest Shackleton, who wore Burberry on his historic polar expeditions, the space also incorporated penguins which can be brought to life through an augmented reality experience. Accessed via dedicated QR codes, visitors are able to take a screenshot or a video of themselves with the penguins and share on their social platforms.


More: https://luxuryretail.co.uk/15282-2


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